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January 18, 2012
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Zelda Poker Card Set by Nelde Zelda Poker Card Set by Nelde
My set of Zelda poker cards.

So, well, fell free to go ahead and love it, fave it, feature it on your blog (with a link back), show it to your friends (while hinting what an awesome birthday present this would be ;) ), suggest it as a Daily Deviation, write a comment, write a critique or what ever you'd like. :D

UPDATE: You can buy them now on fangamer.
Click on a Jack to see the rest of the suits:

Other cards:

Link to all the cards.
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The colour scheme and style are consistent throughout, and they look INCREDIBLY professional.
The characters are easily recognizable, and easily iconic enough to bring a smile to the fanboy in me.

I can't really find anything to fault.
While I may think that Heart Pieces don't look dissimilar to normal hearts, the lack of the familiar heart-piece outer line is necessary to fit with the other suit styles.
The shape is defiantly the same as the games though, so it works out noticeably enough after a moment of looking.

These are pretty much everything I could want from Zelda Cards.
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Wow, this is so original! I love Legend of Zelda, and I would definitely get this if I could.

I see that for the Triforces, the ace is a lot bigger. This isn't consistent with the others, though. I would have done a full heart container, the Master Sword, and a big Rupee for the others. The characters are great! It really shows your style. It bugs me how Gorons have their own suit, though, but it isn't a big problem. The Skull Kid joker was a great idea, as I'm guessing everyone else would just use Tingle. It's hard to make Tingle look good, though, and Skull Kid turned out beautifully.

Great job!
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awesome cards
This is
hi, I like it very much, this is so beautiful <3, and I want to buy it, How did I buy it?? i'm talking seriously :)
Nelde Nov 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks :D
You can buy them here:…
I bought it yesterday haha thanks! :D
Nelde Nov 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Cool, have fun with them :D
These cards are fantastic!

Just got them from Fangamer, and they're really brilliantly done.  Thank you so much for designing them, and also thank you for listing information about the individual cards, so I could confirm my suspicions about the Goron and Zora Link cards.

I do fortune telling, and having clear definitions of what each card signifies allows me to come up with better definitions when reading them!  :)
Nelde Nov 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks a lot. :)
And good luck with your fortune telling!
Nelde Jun 10, 2013  Student General Artist
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