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Hey there

Those who follow me on Twitter might have already seen that I'm now posting some gifs and other New Paper Mario related stuff from time to time. Like this gif for example:


Anyway, if you're on Twitter, maybe think about following me there. I'll post stuff that I won't upload here because I think not every gif is deviantART worthy ;)
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Hey everybody

New Super Paper Mario Maker by Nelde

Sorry, still no New Paper Mario news... I'm still too busy with my Master studies.
Oh, and playing Super Mario Maker!
Here's a list of my levels, why don't you give one of them a try? Or all of them? ;)
And star them, if you like them :star:

Hanging Gardens

This was my very first level, it's quite easy. But I spent a lot of time making all the flowers appear.

All aboard the Rainbow Train!!!


It's Mario on a train! Can you imagine? ;)
It's not that easy, if you want you can also check out the easier version I made:

All aboard the Hype Train!!!

This is basically the same train but with easier enemies.

You can't jump over it.

Yeah, the title explains it all. You can't jump over the pit. So you better don't even try ;)

Enter the Princess' mind!

I was disappointed that you couldn't place Princess Peach in a level. So I made her myself. And you can even enter her mind... Do you dare to?


This level was actually made by a friend of mine. It's really hard, I only beat it after many tries. And I even knew where the hidden star was... ;)

Rosalina's Machine

After seeing many "Don't touch a button" levels I wanted to do my own.
Just sit back and enjoy watching Rosalina going through an epic journey!

Cloudy Mario (w/ secret room...)

This is my try on a "Flappy Bird" styled Mario level. You play Mario in a cloud, flying between pipes.
But I hope you won't die as often as I did in the original game ;)

So yeah, I would be happy if you tried them out and maybe even left a comment here or in the Miiverse.
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Hey everybody

A small update on the progress of my texture pack:
I'm working on chapter 4 now (Shy Guy's Toy Box). That's the good news.
The bad news is that I seem to have reached some kind of limit of textures that the emulator can handle.
I already patched it so that it can handle 4GB of virtual memory instead of 2.
So, does anybody know anything that could help me?
I can still work on the pack at the moment (by just removing some textures I'm not working on) but I won't be able to release it like this...

Edit: Wow, thanks for all the mails! I think I now have enough people to select the testers.

The time has come to release a beta version of my New Paper Mario texture pack

But I will only make this very first beta available to a few testers.

These testers should not only enjoy playing Paper Mario with new textures but also help me get textures that I have missed.

This means playing through the first chapters, looking for textures that I haven't redone, dumping and sending them to me.

Of course, there are a few rules to consider if I choose you:

-Do not make the texture pack available to anyone who isn't participating in the beta

-Do not publish any screenshots, pictures, gifs and or videos anywhere without asking me first

Edit: Thanks for all of your suggestions! I decided what to do with it and you may see it soon in a screenshot or something ;)

I don't know how to do the Artifact in High Res, so I though I'd ask you all.
Click on the picture and write your suggestions :D
What should I do with the Artifact? (solved) by Nelde

Btw: New Paper Mario is also on tumblr:
I'll post some stuff there that you won't see on dA and vice versa. So follow me there too ;)
New Paper Mario: Summertime by Nelde
Ahh... summertime ;)

As you may have noticed, I now have a bit more time to work on my New Paper Mario project.
So far it's going pretty well. :D
If somebody has some experience with N64 emulation and high-res plugins, I could use some help, btw. Just send me a note.

Oh, and did you already like New Paper Mario on  facebook?
I have this problem when pasting this kind of art from Illustrator into Photoshop. It probably has to do with anti aliasing... I guess.

Illustrator problem by Nelde

When I rasterize the art in Illustrator, it doesn't happen so I could use that as a work around, but I'd prefer another solution :)

Any ideas?

Oh, btw, there's now a facebook page for my New Paper Mario project! Go and like it, if you like ;)
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Hello everybody

Long time no see ;)
I was busy working on my bachelor game together with dark-zero-mousy
It is now (almost) finished and free to try out!

We also entered it into a contest here in Switzerland and
you can help us by liking it here and here too.

When you're already at it, also check out the website of the game and watch the trailer:

To make it more interesting for you, I'll upload a new Paper Mario picture when the link gets enough likes ;)
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Draw Me the Way is now available for free on Samsung Apps.
Download it now and tell me what you think. :D

Draw me the way - Poster by Nelde
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Hey everybody

I'm still busy working on my game Draw Me The Way.
It should be released sometime this July. So stay tuned ;)

Have you ever heard of
It's an image posting and sharing website but unfortunately you can only post stuff when you're invited...
So, does anyone have a ffffound account and could invite me?
I'd be very grateful. ;)

Oh, and if you haven't already, please like Draw Me The Way on Facebook
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As you may or may not already know I'm working on a game at the moment.
I named it Draw Me the Way and it's a puzzle game for Samsung S-Pen devices (later it will be available for other mobile platforms) .
The game tells the story of a wizard and a knight called Sir Hainrich who team up and set off for a great adventure searching for gold and glory.
You can read the entire intro story here on dA starting here:
Draw me the way - Intro I by Nelde

Because Sir Hainrich's helmet is too big for his head he can't see where he's going.
To prevent him from falling into a horrible death the player (the wizard) has to draw arrows on the ground that change Sir Hainrich's path.
Here's a demonstration in form of a WIP Screen:
Draw me the way - Screen 1 by Nelde

If you'd like to keep being updated about my game, consider becoming a fan on facebook .
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Hey Derps and Derpettes

Here's a tiny little teaser for my current game project:
Hey everybody

I have to do a presentation about social media at my university and I wanted to do a small experiment for it.
If you want to help me, would you kindly become one of my Twitter followers?
At the moment I've got 10 followers on Twitter and 1000 watchers on deviantART. I want to see how useful cross site marketing is. :)
I just started playing SimCity Social on Facebook.
Our tutor thought it would be interesting if our class played it for a while and then the one with the highest level gets something. :D

So... are there any avid SCS players out there that would like to become my neighbors (and help me improving my city)?

Unrelated: If you're already looking for some Christmas gifts for your dearest, why not give them a set or two of my Zelda Poker Cards ? ;)
My Zelda Poker cards are available again:…

If you bought the first edition, this might interest you:…

Ace of Triforces by NeldeAce of Heartpieces by NeldeAce of Swords by NeldeAce of Rupees by Nelde
My Cards of Legend will be available again online in mid-September.
This time, they are printed by the famous Bicycle Card company and will feature three new designs for the Ace of Swords, the Ace of Heartpieces and the Ace of Rupees.

Cards of Legend

I guess many of you know my New Paper Mario project, it's probably even the reason why most of you are watching me. :D
New Paper Mario Group by Nelde
Anyway, I didn't have time to work on it lately, as I was busy with university work.
But now that my semester break hast started, I'm motivated to work on it again.

Turns out there was too much texture data being loaded for non-LAA-patched software to handle. Whatever that means...

So, now that my problem's solved, I can work on the pack. :D
My Zelda Poker Cards can now be ordered on

Click the picture to buy them.
Also, like them on 9GAG  and  tumblr.

I'm also featured on Kotaku. :D
Well, well, well... I finally finished the last of my Zelda Poker cards.

Zelda Poker Card Set by NeldeZelda Poker Cards by Nelde
Link, Jack of Triforces by NeldeZelda, Queen of Triforces by NeldeGanon, King of Triforces by NeldeAce of Triforces by Nelde
Mikau, Jack of Heartpieces by NeldeRuto, Queen of Heartpieces by NeldeDo Bon, King of Heartpieces by Nelde
Dark Link, Jack of Swords by NeldeMidna, Queen of Swords by NeldeZant, King of Swords by Nelde
Darmani, Jack of Rupees by NeldeBiggoron, Queen of Rupees by NeldeDarunia, King of Rupees by Nelde
Skull Kid, the Joker by NeldeZelda Poker Cards: the back side by Nelde

Available for sale soon!
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A while ago, I was asked to do an illustration for FMyLife.
Today it has been uploaded! :D
Go check it out here.
Of course, I chose to do a Nintendo related story and used my New Paper Mario style :)

What do you think?

FML: Wii Fit by Nelde

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